Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season

It's the season to dress untamed The Sun is in Aquarius, the zodiac sign renowned for bring forward looking and growth-oriented. Aquarians, it's your season, and you'll be eccentric if you want to. We know you will, dragging your friends along to your weird ass hobbies; guerrilla gardening, tatebanko, or frog hunting ala fellow Aquarian, Paris Hilton.

Aquarians are a fixed Air sign, existing in the realm of the mind and defying a single identity and categorization. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, symbolically giving life and spiritual nourishment to the world. The water washes away the past, leaving room for a new start. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are progressive, independent, idealistic, truthful, and innovative, but when ill-dignified, they can be emotionally aloof, bordering on sanctimonious. 

The ruling planet for Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, and the tarot card representing the sign is The Star. The Star is the wish card - full of hope and optimism, bringing the steadying message that you are still you. 

Free-spirited and unconventional, you can often spot Aquarians through their offbeat fashion sensibilities. Renowned for their adventurous style and trend-setting, the Aquarian can make just about anything work— statement jewels, showstopping ensembles, and bold prints are frequent features. For the month of Aquarius, dress untamed to ensure celestial harmony. 

Aries: While you spend this season imagining new futures or working out a theory of the universe, wear special eyewear. We suggest the Uranus Ice Earocular.

Taurus: Aquarius season has you completely disinterested in conformity and adhering to anything remotely linear or traditional. Dress to match.

Gemini: Nicknamed the "awakener" planet, Uranus urges you to break free of patterns, limitations, and boundaries to be your genuine self and think creatively.

Cancer: The world is so big, and you don't have to live the same way as everyone else. 

Leo: On February 5, the moon in Leo opposes the sun in Aquarius, setting the stage for a fiery full moon. Leo and Aquarius are both big fans of self-expression, so lean in.

Virgo: Aquarius is the sign of hippies, rebels, and geniuses whose creativity has nothing to do with being "useful." Dress impractically, Virgo, and connect with your inner earth child. 

Libra: Stop feeling restricted by the opinions and judgments of your neighbors, co-workers, or Instagram followers. Live in your own blissful bubble!

Scorpio: Spend this season researching UFOs or getting deep into experimental cinema. 

Sagittarius: Aquarians are inspired by the visionary future of a better world. So get futuristic and ride the cosmic wave of the Aquarian energy of reformation and freedom.

Capricorn: Aquarius responds to Capricorn's seriousness with an invitation to get weird. Value cosmic uniqueness over fitting in. 

Aquarius: Aquarians are humanitarians passionate about giving back to their community and nurturing the planet. Say F**k you to animal fur and rock it digitally. 

Pisces: On January 26, Venus, the harmony-seeking planet', moves into Pisces, aligning with your deeply compassionate, unconditionally loving, and empathic nature. Relationships get more rose-colored, dreamier, and magical until February 20. Dress the part.

Channel the water-bearers fluid relationship to dressing nature through bold styling. Dress for futurism in the Neo Xaman Ombre Suit from Edvard Nielsen or Sanctuary from 143 Dress. Channel the 'awakener' planet with the Uranus Ice Earocular. Lean into blues and airy hues to cleanse your mind and float through the inspiring and insightful month that is Aquarius season.  

Words: Sally Paton