Slinging records w/ WLLSN

Slinging records w/ WLLSN

Los Angeles-based Gabe Willson is a musician and creator working under the moniker WLLSN. Hailing from Portland, Gabe just released his newest single, VIRGO HWY, on his birthday no less, and we can’t imagine it any other way. This track is about his Virgo tendencies and needing everything done in Gabe’s and Gabe’s ways only! We know his style aesthetic is modern and futuristic, yet each time we run into Gabe, he’s rocking a sweatsuit and his Yeezy foam runners. So we thought he’d be the perfect fit for some sleek digital pieces to bridge his love of comfort and futurism.

We met up with Gabe to find out the 4 records that always hit and helped define his sound. Pull your turntable and settle in - we’re slinging records with WLLSN.

H.E.R. by H.E.R. 

This record has always been so timeless to me. It’s one of those albums I can continue playing front to back. Even though the whole project has become a core memory, it always sounds new and gets me right back in my feels.


SEPT 5TH by dvsn

One of my all-time favorites. I still get constant chills from Daniel Daley’s voice. As soon as I put this album on, it brings me back to more carefree and chill nights when life was much simpler. And cheaper, haha.


Songs For You by Tinashe 

When this album came out, I had it on repeat for months! I’ve always loved the variety of beats and vibes from track to track. This whole project helped me through some of my most stressful times, and I still bump it now!

Sweetener by Ariana Grande

I’ve always been a huge Ari stan, so when she and Pharrell collaborated on this project, I was, and am still, obsessed! I love how happy and sad this album can make me feel, and I can never get enough of listening to that queen’s vocals!

Words: Sally Paton

Images: Jason Kent