FUNKÖ is a 3D fashion designer, musician, and experimental artist from the Maldive Islands. FUNKÖ manifests futuristic energy, cosmic power, and a Solarpunk future on Earth through all creative projects. The result is a vision of dreamscapes and sculptural aesthetics inspired by the delicate habitat of their island home. The FUNKÖ X Special Items Exclusive VISITANT ELECTRA is an imaginative future wear collection based on a fictional esoteric Solarpunk Utopia where goods are produced by harnessing the power of the sun and captured carbon tech. The multitude of colors, forms, and patterns is a homage to aquatic animals, while the chrome finish is a nod to cyberpunk and futurism.
Hydra Suncatcher Hydra Suncatcher


Hydra Suncatcher


Flex Volta Flex Volta


Flex Volta


Ava Skairo Ava Skairo


Ava Skairo


Spirita Aurora Pet Spirita Aurora Pet


Spirita Aurora Pet


Visitant Electra Visitant Electra


Visitant Electra


Astro Voyager Astro Voyager


Astro Voyager