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Kota Yamaji
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Kota Yamaji is a Japanese digital artist based in Tokyo. Kota uses their fascination with computer graphics and video editing to construct surrealist worlds for music videos, graphic illustrations, and digital wearables. In their digital fashion design process, Kota cites brands such as ADER Error, Undercover, and Kenzo as key references. This love of streetwear shows in the eye-catching layers and baggy silhouettes. Kota’s use of color, rounded shapes, and repeating patterns are steeped in Japanese pop culture, neon lights, and the works of surrealist artists Salvador Dali and René Magritte.
Puffy Suit Puffy Suit

Kota Yamaji

Puffy Suit


Teddy Space Suit Teddy Space Suit

Kota Yamaji

Teddy Space Suit


Accordion Set Accordion Set

Kota Yamaji

Accordion Set


Bubble Balaclava Bubble Balaclava

Kota Yamaji

Bubble Balaclava