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Digital Collectibles 24

Digital Collectibles are wearables that are tokenized as NFTs which allow collectors to own the rights to the digital fashion garment, opening up interoperability and unlimited re-wear.

UTILITIES — The additional benefits or different ways to use, or ‘wear’ an NFT.

Utilities at Special Items include:

1. Animated Garments
2. Physical Gifts
3. AR Wearables
4. Designer Meetings
5. Additional Styling Options
6. Art Collectibles
7. 3D Collectible Files
8. Unlimited Metatelier™ Styling

We Are Not A Disaster We Are Not A Disaster


We Are Not A Disaster


Woken Paralysis Woken Paralysis

Meggie Van Zwieten

Woken Paralysis


Mercury Diamond Complete Set Mercury Diamond Complete Set

Special Items

Mercury Diamond Complete Set


Venus in Chains Complete Set Venus in Chains Complete Set

Special Items

Venus in Chains Complete Set


High Priestess High Priestess

Edvard Nielsen

High Priestess


002 Future-Electro 002 Future-Electro


002 Future-Electro


Squeak Overalls - Grime Squeak Overalls - Grime

Taskin Goec

Squeak Overalls - Grime


Mistress Reaper Mistress Reaper

House of Autonomy

Mistress Reaper


Solar Flare Mask Set Solar Flare Mask Set

Special Items

Solar Flare Mask Set


Monolith Meta-Sneaker - Carmine Monolith Meta-Sneaker - Carmine


Monolith Meta-Sneaker - Carmine


Sanctuary Sanctuary

143 Dress



Pheonix Pheonix