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Meggie Van Zwieten 3
Meggie Van Zwieten is a digital artist from the Netherlands. Her work revolves around escaping into illusory digital environments to find new perspectives and alleviate feelings of alienation. She is fascinated with immersive imagination, creating extravagant works which provide a transformative experience for the wearer. Meggie aims to research the intersection of the digital and the physical realm and focus on how the two can elevate each other. As an artist, she wants to create an accessible environment in which one can find relief, beauty and escape. With her creations, Meggie strives to generate astonishment that builds curiosity, generating an urge to further explore the virtual realm.

Meggie Van Zwieten



Woken Paralysis Woken Paralysis

Meggie Van Zwieten

Woken Paralysis



Meggie Van Zwieten