Special Items is a meeting place, a collective of fashion freaks spirited by art, philosophy, nature, discovery and culture. We want to enliven, uplift and connect our community with each other, within themselves, and the world around them, URL AND IRL.

Our experience in physical luxury fashion inspires us to seek new solutions to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing creative expression.

Our convivial marketplace presents a curation of prestigious digital fashion with expert digital couture tailoring.

Our Diary, an interactive online magazine, acts to educate, enliven, enrich and enhance the realm of digital fashion.





Clothes are our symbolizers. Our means of presenting ourselves to the world.

Special Items allows you to sustainably wear the clothing which speaks to you in the now. A visual representation that celebrates your current self(ves), your identities, your multitudes. A pure expression. All this with zero-waste.

We are looking to the digital world as a place for limitless possibilities, creativity and expression. We are creating a new way of existing in and seeing the world.
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