Special Items provides its users with garments they can purchase and wear digitally. Our Special Items are computer-generated luxury fashion items you can collect, wear, trade, and transport across different online worlds. 


METATELIER™ — an online fitting service of best-in-class digital tailors that dress wearers of any body (digital, human, or animal) in digital fashion garments or gaming skins. The Metatelier™ can program Special Items Marketplace NFTs to transport wherever the buyer or their avatar wants to use or wear it. 

ONE-WAY WEARABLES — A digital fashion garment which can be digitally tailored once in a photograph of yourself or on your avatar.

DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES — Wearable NFTs which allow collectors to own the rights to the digital fashion garment, opening up interoperability and unlimited re-wear.

AR WEARABLES — Virtual accessories or garments worn through an AR filter unlimited times in pictures, videos, live video meetings and other compatible platforms.

UTILITIES — The additional benefits or different ways to use, or ‘wear’ an NFT.



— Animated Garments
— Physical Gifts
— AR Wearables
— Designer Meetings
— Additional Styling Options
— Art Collectibles
— 3d Collectable Files

All Special Items Wearable NFTs currently include Unlimited Styling through our Metatelier™ services. You must be a member to unlock this service. We only support styling of NFTs minted through Special Items. We cannot support styling of NFTs purchased outside of Special Items.



An Augmented Reality wearable which can be worn in real time.

With the purchase of your AR wearable, you receive exclusive access to a filter via Snapchat. We are using Snapchat’s AR capabilities to bring you instant usability. You can wear your AR wearable across social media and in live meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.)



  1. Download the Snapchat App on your phone.
  2. Hit the link provided in your order delivery email. You will be redirected to your filter in Snapchat. It is enabled for unlimited time after your purchase.
  3. Record photos or videos with your accessory.


  1. Install Snap Camera on your computer or tablet. Snap Camera allows you to apply lenses to your face/body while using your computer's webcam.
    Download Snap Camera
  2. Copy the link provided for your AR wearable in your order delivery email.
  3. Paste the link into the search function on Snap Camera. Click on the filter image. Mark this filter as your favorite with the little star on top left.
  4. When you open the meeting application (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc.), under Settings, select Snap Camera as your webcam device.
  5. Wear your AR wearable in your live meetings.


  1. BE LIT — aim for even, bright lighting
  2. BE FIT — wear fitted physical clothing
  3. BE SLEEK — don't cover areas you want exposed
  4. BE SHARP — aim for high image resolution (>1MB)