IMPORTANT NOTE: NFT sales are NON-REFUNDABLE and are NOT REVERSIBLE. Please ensure you are sure you would like to mint. Special Items can not reverse the blockchain transaction after mint.  



Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds or exchanges on our one-way digital garments. 

The Special Items 

Metatelier™ Team will resolve issues with customers on a case by case scenario.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, The Special Items 

Metatelier™ is prepared to do the best we can to make adjustments for your satisfaction. We offer one round of editing per purchase.

Email and let us know what changes/adjustments you would like made. Once you’ve sent your notes, we will launch them to our digital tailors to make any changes. From there, you should have your updated image in your inbox in 1-2 days.

Remember, we are digital tailors, not retouchers. Your image must be ready and edited as you see fit upon submission. We do not and will not alter your physical appearance nor will we edit the setting of your photo.

In the case where you placed an order and paid, but haven’t provided the photo in 21 days, you will receive an automatic refund and you will not receive your order.

We hope you find these solutions pleasing.

We aim for maximum satisfaction in the Special Items