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Solar Flare Mask Set

Supply: 20/20


The Solar Flare Mask is an iridescent, molten glass AR wearable. The piece digitally sculpts across the wearer's face, expanding out from the eye around the face in solar flare tails. This collectible comes with the matching set of the Solar Flare Ear Cuff and Solar Flare Beauty Look. 

Fabric: Solar Flares
Color: Solar Red Ombré

Supported by Snapchat AR, this piece has unlimited wearability in still, video imagery, and live videographic meetings and other compatible platforms.

The purchase of this item comes with a Palace Token. This unlocks Special Items' White Glove Metatelier™ membership that provides whitelist access to drops and special events, priority fittings, a private tailor for customization, and monthly airdrop gifts.

This item is a digital collectible. See How it Works and explore our tokens and the Metatelier™.

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